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Are you looking for a fun and convincing way to prank your friends? Look no further than Wifi Hacker for Android! This entertainment software allows you to simulate hacking into wifi networks that are close to you, making it look like you have the ability to access password-protected networks.

While this app is only a prank, it is incredibly realistic. It scans real wifi networks around you and allows you to select which network's password you want to "hack." Once selected, a series of fake prank hacking messages will follow, making it seem like the app is actually breaking into the network.

But what if the wifi network doesn't have a password? No problem! The app will tell your friends that there is no password required, making it even more convincing. And if your friends try to test out the hack later on their own devices, they'll be surprised when they find out that the password hack stays the same for one network.

It's important to note that while this app may seem like harmless fun, hacking into secured networks can be considered a crime. However, with Wifi Hacker for Android, there's nothing illegal going on - all the app does is read network names and encryption passwords.

So why not give Wifi Hacker for Android a try? It's an entertaining way to trick your friends and make them think that you're some kind of tech genius. Plus, with its realistic scanning capabilities and fake hacking messages, they'll never suspect that it's just an app designed for pranks.

But don't just take our word for it - here are some of the key features of Wifi Hacker for Android:

Realistic Scanning: The app scans real wifi networks around you so that it looks like it's actually searching for available connections.

Password Selection: Choose which wifi network's password you want to "hack" from a list of available options.

Fake Hacking Messages: A series of fake messages will appear on screen as though they're breaking into the selected network - perfect for fooling your friends!

No Password Required: If there isn't a password required by the selected wifi network then don't worry - this feature makes sure everything still looks legit!

Password Hack Stays Same: The chosen hacked password stays consistent across all devices connected within range so nobody can catch onto what’s happening!

In conclusion

Wifi Hacker For Android is an entertainment software designed specifically as a prank application. With its realistic scanning capabilities and fake hacking messages; users can easily trick their friends into thinking they have access (hacked) protected Wi-Fi Networks nearby them without any actual harm being done or laws broken in doing so! So why not give Wifi Hacker For Android today?

Full spec
Publisher AngryDev
Publisher site http://www.tlustyzmrdi.com
Release date 2014-03-06
Date added 2014-03-06
Category Entertainment Software
Sub category Humor Software
Version 1.0
Os requirements Android
Requirements None
Price Free
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