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Facebook Lite for Android April 14, 2020

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Facebook Lite for Android: The Ultimate Social Networking App

Are you tired of using the full version of Facebook on your Android device and experiencing slow loading times, constant crashes, and high data usage? Look no further than Facebook Lite for Android! This internet software app is designed to provide a faster and more efficient way to connect with friends and family on the world's largest social networking platform.

With Facebook Lite, you can enjoy all the classic features of Facebook without sacrificing performance or storage space on your phone. Whether you're using a 2G network or have limited data plans, this app is optimized to work seamlessly in any condition. Plus, it's small in size so that you can save space on your device.

Connect with Friends and Family

The primary purpose of Facebook Lite is to help users stay connected with their social network. You can use this app as a friends app to find people, post status updates, share photos and memes, get notified when friends like or comment on your posts, follow people for their latest news updates, look up local businesses for reviews and pictures - all from one convenient location.

Stay Organized with Your Photos

Facebook Lite also serves as an excellent personal organizer for storing photos. You can easily share photos straight from your Android camera while having full control over privacy settings. Choose when to keep individual photos private or set up a secret photo album that only certain people can see.

Keep Up-to-Date with Current Events

In addition to staying connected with friends and family members through social media channels like News Feed updates from celebrities or sports teams that interest them most!

Become a Beta Tester Today!

If you want early access to new features before they are released publicly then sign up today by becoming a beta tester! By doing so not only will you be able test out new features but also provide valuable feedback which helps improve future versions of our product.

Get Help When You Need It

If at any point during installation process there are issues downloading/installing please visit our help center where we have detailed instructions available along contact information should additional assistance be required.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Please note that Facebook is only available for individuals aged 13 years old or older. Additionally please review our terms & conditions prior use which outline important information regarding privacy policies among other things.


Overall if looking an efficient way stay connected loved ones while keeping organized then look no further than Facebook Lite! With its fast loading times low data usage requirements it’s perfect solution those who want enjoy benefits without sacrificing performance storage space their devices. So why wait? Download today start connecting world around us!


Weighing just 286KB, the recently released Facebook Lite brings the essential Facebook experience to budget phones with 2G connections.


Works great on a budget phone: Facebook Lite enables you to check your feed, read and post comments, share photos and updates, message friends, and glance through notifications with ease. It loads quickly, eats little to no system resources, and seems to be bug free.

Fast and smooth: This lite version impresses with its snappy performance, loading images and posts in no time and providing a fluid scrolling experience.

Light as a feather: While the original Facebook app weighs around 27MBs, this lite version weighs just 286KB.


Not available everywhere: Facebook Lite caters to users in less developed countries, so it's not available in the United States or Western Europe.

Could be prettier: Compared to the original, this app looks a bit like an ugly duckling, having an unappealing icon and a somewhat dull look to it.

Bottom Line

Facebook deserves a big thumbs-up for launching Facebook Lite, a lightweight alternative to its main app that works like a charm and weighs close to nothing. Too bad this app isn't available everywhere, or else many people with powerful smartphones would be tempted to grab it as a replacement to the original Facebook app. If you can download this app in your country, we recommend you try it out.

Full spec
Publisher Facebook
Publisher site http://facebook.com
Release date 2020-04-15
Date added 2020-04-15
Category Internet Software
Sub category Social Networking Software
Version April 14, 2020
Os requirements Android
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Price Free
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