Viber Messenger for Android

Viber Messenger for Android

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Viber Messenger for Android: The Ultimate Communication App

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected with friends and family has become more important than ever. With the rise of social media and messaging apps, people are constantly looking for new ways to communicate with each other. Viber Messenger for Android is one such app that has taken the world by storm. With over 1 billion users worldwide, Viber is the go-to messenger app for people who want a simple, fast, and secure way to stay in touch.

What is Viber Messenger?

Viber Messenger is a free messaging and calling app that allows you to send text messages, make audio and video calls, open group chats with up to 250 members, share photos and videos, exchange contacts with friends, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once - all without any hidden costs or fees. All you need is a data plan or Wi-Fi connection to get started.

Why Choose Viber?

There are many reasons why Viber stands out from other messaging apps on the market:

1) Free Messaging: With Viber Messenger for Android you can send unlimited text messages without any additional charges.

2) Audio & Video Calls: Make crystal-clear audio and instant video calls to friends and family anywhere in the world - all completely free!

3) Group Chats: Stay connected with your loved ones by opening a group chat for up to 250 members.

4) Group Audio Calls: Plan get-togethers or conduct business calls with up to 5 people from within a group chat or by adding more people into an existing audio call.

5) Privacy & Security: Thanks to end-to-end encryption technology used by Viber messenger app any type of information you share on it will always remain between yourself and the person you're talking too. Any message sent makes its way from your device only after being encrypted using an encryption key which exists only on user devices nowhere else so no one -- not even Viber -- can read your messages.

6) Hidden Chats & Self-Destructing Messages: Hide your conversations from prying eyes using Hidden Chats feature which enables users hide their conversation from their main chat list access it whenever they need it using PIN code while self-destructing message feature lets users set self-destruct timer every message in their conversation so after reading it gets automatically deleted from recipient's phone

7) GIFs & Stickers: Express yourself better than words could ever do! Use endless GIFs available on viver sticker market alongwith over 35k stickers available there as well!

8) Chat Extensions: Spice up your conversations using variety of useful Chat Extensions including easy access Shouts, favorite links, GIFs, videos, Yelp, YouTube, etc.

9 ) Cheap International Calling: Call landlines non-VIBER users anyone who doesn't have internet service mobile phone through low-cost international calling service provided by viver out.

10 ) Sync Your Messages Across Devices: Keep track of all your conversations across devices syncing mobile account desktop account. In order activate viver desktop first activate account mobile phone.

11 ) And So Much More! Mention friends in groups so they don't miss anything; pin important messages top screen; reply specific message within group chat; share location forward multiple messages exchange contacts install now start connecting!

How Does It Work?

To use Viber Messenger for Android simply download it onto your device (smartphone/tablet), create an account (using either Facebook/Google login credentials), verify phone number then start chatting away! Once installed onto device user needs create profile picture name then add contacts either manually search them via Facebook/Google accounts already linked. Once added contact list user can start sending texts making voice/video calls sharing files etc.


In conclusion we highly recommend downloading this amazing communication tool called "VIBER MESSENGER FOR ANDROID" which offers everything needed stay connected loved ones around globe without having worry about hidden costs fees privacy issues security concerns etc. So what are waiting? Download now enjoy seamless communication experience!


Viber offers its 800 million worldwide users a solid set of messaging tools for staying in touch, but some of its features have a me-too quality.


Connect via Facebook, or not: During setup, you are given the option of using your Facebook details to connect to friends. Viber automatically connects to your phone's contacts, and you can add contacts via a phone number or by scanning a QR code that Viber generates.

Free calling: Voice and video calls are free between Viber users. You can also purchase credits that allow you to make calls from the Viber app to mobile phones and landlines.

Secured messages: Viber encrypts end-to-end individual and group conversations in which all participants are using the latest Viber version. Check Chat Info in a message to see whether the messages sent by participants are encrypted.

Chat stickers: Viber comes with a basic collection of stickers and emojis. You can expand your sticker portfolio through the in-app Sticker Market, where you can find additional free and paid sticker collections.

Play games: You can also find in-app games to play that span puzzle to strategy, including Mobile Strike.

Photos: Share photos and videos stored on your phone, or use Viber to capture images and short video messages.

Public channels: Viber offers a collection of public accounts that range from the BBC newsfeeds to Justin Bieber fan chatter.


Limited image tools: While you can share photos and video, Viber lacks rich image-customization tools, such as the filters and overlays used in Snapchat, that can make sharing images fun.

Bottom Line

Viber hits the main points you'd look for in a messaging app, from free video calling to encrypted text messages. Few of its features, however, stand out in a field where apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Signal offer similar and often more compelling features.

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