Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & Call Record for Android

Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & Call Record for Android 10.0.12

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Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & Call Record for Android is a powerful communication app that has been trusted by over 250 million people worldwide. It offers a wide range of features that make communication safe and efficient, including caller ID, spam blocking, call recording, flash messaging, and more.

With Truecaller's community-based spam list updated by millions of users worldwide, you can rest assured that unwanted calls and SMS will be filtered out. This means you can connect with people who matter without being interrupted by annoying telemarketers or spammers.

One of the standout features of Truecaller is its powerful dialer. The world's best Caller ID will identify anyone calling you so you can decide whether to answer or not. You can also block spam and telemarketers with ease. Additionally, Truecaller lets you see names of unknown numbers in the call history so you know who called even if they're not in your contacts list.

Another great feature is call recording which allows you to record important phone calls and save them to your phone for future reference. Flash messaging is another useful feature that lets you share location, emoji & status in a flash to your friends.

Truecaller also has a smart SMS app that automatically identifies every unknown SMS and blocks spam and telemarketing SMS automatically. You can even block by name and number series for added convenience.

For users in India only, Truecaller Pay - UPI Payments and recharges provides safe, secure instant money transfers 24/7 as well as quick mobile recharges and bill payments. You can manage all your bank accounts with BHIM-UPI while over 80+ billers are going live soon! Bank grade security provided by ICICI Bank ensures peace of mind when making transactions through this platform.

If you upgrade to Truecaller Premium, you get access to additional features such as recording phone calls,knowing who viewed your profile,and viewing profiles privately.You'll also get the Premium badge on your profile along with 30 contact requests per month.No ads will be displayed on the app either!

Truecaller has full dual SIM support which makes it easy for users who have multiple SIM cards installed on their device.The best part? Your phonebook won't be uploaded anywhere public or searchable!

In conclusion,TrueCaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & Call Record for Android is an excellent communication app that offers numerous features designed to make communication safer,easier,and more efficient.If these are things important to you then we highly recommend giving it a try!


The Truecaller Caller ID app lets you search beyond your phonebook, identify unknown incoming calls, and block unwanted calls.

Used to display a caller's phone number, caller ID readers were hot items in the '90s. However, even today, in the era of the smartphone, the infrastructure for those caller ID services is still around. With TrueCaller app for Android you can see who's calling before you answer to help you screen calls. It can even blocks bill collectors and other annoyances.

When you first set up this app, it requests that you sync it with Facebook to add your friend's numbers and pictures. It taps into the numbers and pictures of people already in your contact list by default. TrueCaller also gives you a list of hundreds of suspicious numbers from its user-submitted database that you block at once. Whenever you receive a call, it displays any of the contact information in the app's large database so you can screen it. It will tell you if the number is associated with bill collection or scam callers, too. You can block a number before you answer any time you don't want to accept the call.

Though it doesn't give an incredibly detailed call history, TrueCaller is still a worthwhile caller ID. If you've got more spammers calling you than real people, give this app a shot. You'll have all the perks of a caller ID without having to attach your phone to anything else. The blocked-calling feature is an awesome addition for a free app, too.

Full spec
Publisher True Software Scandinavia
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Release date 2018-11-15
Date added 2018-11-15
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Sub category Chat
Version 10.0.12
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