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RAR Expander for Mac 0.8.5b4

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RAR Expander for Mac is a powerful and easy-to-use utility that allows you to expand RAR archives on your Mac. This software is designed to provide you with a simple GUI interface that makes it easy to extract files from RAR archives, even if you are not familiar with the command line.

The software uses the official unrar system internally, which ensures full compatibility with WinRAR. This means that you can easily extract files from RAR archives created on Windows machines without any issues. Additionally, the software supports expanding multi-volume and password-protected RAR archives, making it an ideal tool for users who frequently work with compressed files.

One of the standout features of RAR Expander for Mac is its support for AppleScript. The software includes example scripts that allow you to easily expand multiple RAR archives at once, saving you time and effort when working with large numbers of compressed files.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable and user-friendly tool for expanding RAR archives on your Mac, then look no further than RAR Expander. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, this software is sure to meet all of your needs when it comes to working with compressed files.

Key Features:

1. Simple GUI Interface: The software provides a simple graphical user interface that makes it easy to extract files from RAR archives without using the command line.

2. Full Compatibility: The internal use of unrar ensures full compatibility with WinRAR so that users can easily extract files from Windows-created archive formats without any issues.

3. Multi-Volume Support: The ability to expand multi-volume archive formats makes this tool ideal for users who frequently work with large numbers of compressed files.

4. Password Protection: Password-protected archive formats can be expanded using this tool as well as non-password protected ones

5.AppleScript Support: With built-in support for AppleScripting language, users can create custom scripts or use pre-built examples provided by developers in order automate repetitive tasks such as extracting multiple rar file at once

6.Fast Extraction Speeds: Rar expander has been optimized over time so as not only provide fast extraction speeds but also ensure minimal resource usage while doing so

7.Free & Open Source: Rar expander is free open source project meaning anyone can contribute towards improving or adding new features making it one of most popular utilities available online today


In conclusion,Rar expander offers an excellent solution when dealing with rar file format on mac osx. It's simple yet powerful GUI interface coupled together unrivaled compatibility make it stand out among other similar tools available online today. Whether extracting single or multiple volumes, password protected or non-password protected rar file format, rar expander has got everything covered. And best part about all these amazing features? It's completely free! So why wait? Download now start enjoying benefits offered by one most popular utilities available online today!

Full spec
Publisher Kris Gybels
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Release date 2012-12-16
Date added 2012-12-16
Category Utilities & Operating Systems
Sub category File Compression
Version 0.8.5b4
Os requirements Macintosh
Requirements macOS Catalina macOS Mojave macOS High Sierra macOS Sierra OS X El Capitan OS X Yosemite OS X Mavericks OS X Mountain Lion OS X Lion OS X Snow Leopard OS X Leopard OS X Tiger OS X Panther OS X Jaguar OS X Puma OS X Cheetah
Price Free
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