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Apple iTunes (Classic) for Mac 2.0.4

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Apple iTunes (Classic) for Mac – Your Ultimate Music Library Organizer

Are you a music lover who wants to keep your digital music library organized and easily accessible? Look no further than Apple's iTunes, the ultimate jukebox software that lets you create libraries of your favorite music that you can play on your computer or portable MP3 player. With its sleek interface and powerful features, iTunes is the perfect tool for managing all of your digital audio files.

iTunes turns your Mac into a jukebox that holds your entire digital music library. You can import songs from CDs, download tracks from the internet, and even purchase new songs directly from the iTunes Store. Once you have all of your music in one place, it's easy to organize it into playlists based on genre, artist, or mood.

One of the best things about iTunes is its compatibility with Apple's iPod line of portable MP3 players. You can pack up to 1,000 songs onto an iPod and take them with you wherever you go. And if you want to share your music with friends or family members who don't have an iPod, no problem – just burn a custom CD with the click of a button.

But iTunes isn't just about organizing and playing back audio files – it also comes equipped with a range of powerful tools for editing and enhancing your music collection. For example:

- Edit MP3 tags: If some of the information associated with a particular song (such as artist name or album title) is incorrect or missing altogether, simply use iTunes' built-in tag editor to make corrections.

- Visualizer: Watch as colorful patterns dance across the screen in time with whatever song is currently playing.

- Equalizer: Adjust bass and treble levels to get just the right sound for any type of music.

- Crossfader: Smoothly transition between songs without any awkward pauses or jarring changes in volume.

- Sound Enhancer: Boost audio playback quality by applying advanced processing algorithms developed by Apple engineers.

In addition to these features specifically designed for managing digital audio files on Mac computers running macOS operating system versions prior to Catalina (10.15), there are other capabilities available through this classic version such as support for Rio One MP3 player from SONICblue which was popular during early 2000s when this version was released; correcting improperly encoded Unicode tags; burning MP3 CDs containing more than 150 tracks per disc; among others.

Overall, if you're looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful tool for organizing all of your digital audio files on macOS operating system versions prior Catalina (10.15), look no further than Apple's classic version of iTunes! Download now by visiting Apple's website where there are options available including filling out forms before downloading so that users can choose what works best according their preferences while enjoying this amazing software experience today!


Apple's first outing into the world of MP3s can only be described as a complete success. When iTunes first came on the scene, it lacked some essentials such as a graphic EQ and compatibility with third-party CD burners. With this version for Classic Mac OS users, however, Apple added those options and made them refreshingly easy to use.

iTunes lets you build a library of as many of your acquired or ripped MP3s as you have time to add, with the option of making multiple playlists to satisfy your every mood. Want to burn a CD? No problem. Make a playlist, insert a CD into a CD burner, and click the Burn CD button on the upper right. Too much bass in that last track? Simply open the Equalizer and adjust to your taste. You can even listen to live streams when you want to hear something new. The only thing lacking in what is perhaps Apple's greatest application to date is the ability to change skins. However, you'll find that even without skin variety this MP3 solution is worth way more than its price tag: it's free.

Full spec
Publisher Apple
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Release date 2008-11-09
Date added 2002-03-21
Category MP3 & Audio Software
Sub category Music Management Software
Version 2.0.4
Os requirements Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
Requirements Mac OS 9.0.4
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