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OPTIC Mobile – the mobile app related to The OPTIC System for iOS

OPTIC Mobile – the mobile app related to The OPTIC System for iOS


OPTIC Mobile is a powerful mobile app that complements the Web application of The OPTIC System for iOS. It falls under the category of Utilities & Operating Systems and is designed to provide users with a simplified version of the Web application on their mobile devices. With OPTIC Mobile, users can access a subset of records downloaded from the server, as well as custom forms (electronic forms) for all modules. One of the best things about OPTIC Mobile is that there are no additional costs associated with using it. Users can simply log in using their regular Client ID, User Name, and Password used in the Web application. This makes it easy for users to access all their data on-the-go without having to worry about any extra fees. OPTIC Mobile also supports offline mode, which means that documents such as PDFs, Word files, audio/MP3s, video/MP4s and pictures can be downloaded onto mobile devices for later viewing even without an internet connection. This feature comes in handy when you need to access important documents while traveling or when you don't have an internet connection available. In addition to offline mode support for documents, records and custom (electronic) forms can also be operated on while offline with automatic or manual uploading to OPTIC server when Internet becomes available. This ensures that your data is always up-to-date regardless of whether you're online or not. It's worth noting that mobile app performance may be affected by the volume of data downloaded - which is adjustable from Settings - but by default it launches with a minimal amount of records downloaded from server so as not to slow down your device unnecessarily. Custom forms (electronic forms), as well as changes made on them (updates), can be downloaded from server either manually from SYNC CENTRE or automatically. This gives users complete control over how they manage their data and ensures that they always have access to the latest information at all times. Overall, OPTIC Mobile is an excellent mobile app that provides users with a simplified version of The OPTIC System Web application on their iOS devices. With support for offline mode, custom forms, and automatic syncing, it's the perfect tool for anyone who needs to access important data while on-the-go.

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